Wind through the Strings

2014 Lyrebird Music
Recorded at the Royal Botanic gardens and Emotions Studios Inspired by the feeling of being in such a beautiful garden, the experience of punting on the lake, and observing changes in the weather.

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The Smell of Dust after Rain / 06:54 mins / 16.2mb

Morning Minuet / 02:36 mins - 6.1mb

Song of the Cross / 03.42 mins - 8.7mb

View from a Hilltop / 01.17 mins - 3.1mb

Pond Song / 06.45 mins - 15.89mb

Buggy Ride / 02.30 mins - 5.95mb

River / 05.29 mins - 12.94mb

Meditating on Magpies / 07.35 mins - 17.80mb

Requiem for an Idea / 02.90 mins - 5.50mb

Punting on the Lake / 03.10 mins - 8.35mb

Temple of the Winds / 04.02 mins - 9.53mb

Cold Winds / /07.28 mins - 17.61mb

Morning Mist / 04.12 mins - 9.92mb

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